Job Description for Empower Marketing

Job Summary

This volunteer position is responsible for the creation and management of external communications and communication platforms with regards to Empower marketing. This role is vital to the promotion of Empower with regards to potentional students and donors through sustaining and improving the voice of Empower through the application of its brand, print, web and social media footprint.

Primary functions include working with graphic designers or design software to create printed promo materials, i.e. brochures, newsletters, event cards, managing and improving the website and social media platforms. Functions to be developed include producing articles relevant to Empower for distribution within partner organizations and diversifying the public reach of Empower. 

Job Duties:

  1. Work with Empower leadership team (weekly meetings) 
  2. Develop a team who will contribute to Empower publications and postings (see specifics in items 4-9) 
  3. Work with development coordinator and team to ensure uniformity in donor recruitment and retention 
  4. Manage website updates and developments 
  5. Direct the production of and hiring for photos and promotional videos –
  6. Create marketing materials for brochures and events (print materials & merchandise)
  7. Create newsletters print and digital 
  8. Update and maintain all social media accounts, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  9. Produce articles and relevant content for publications and blogs 

Working Relationships:

Responsible to:  Empower Director 

Works closely with: Team members you recruit to help you fulfill the job duties listed above, Development Coordinator 

Skills Required:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Visual and graphic design strengths
  • Recruiter
  • Management/administrative skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Networker

Time Required:  

10 – 15 hours per month for one academic year, possibility of renewal after annual review by Empower Director 

Leadership Expectations: 

  • A growing Christian faith and character.
  • A commitment to the mission of the Empower: to point women to the more and the next through Spirit led development and mentoring. 
  • A growing prayer life
  • A lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).