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EMPOWERproclaim is an advanced class designed to teach women to preach the Word of God using the expository and narrative models of preaching. This course is designed to develop, equip, and empower a generation of women who would discover and embrace their God-given voice and carry the truth of Scripture in a transformational way. Whether the venue is the church, workplace, boardroom, school, home, or neighborhood, each woman has been given a place, a platform, or a pulpit to proclaim God’s truth. The goal is to unleash the prophetic and missional voice to break into darkness and offer hope and salvation to a broken world.

Women can expect:

  • To grow and develop the ability to communicate the truth of God’s Word in a transformational way.
  • To receive instruction on the components, preparation, and preaching of sermons.
  • To deliver two 15-minute expository sermons and two 15-minute narrative sermons in front of a group of coaches and students. Students at each site will preach in person, while live stream students will preach on Zoom.
  • To participate in a community of feedback to receive one-on-one coaching in a structured and safe environment.
  • Selected women may be asked to give testimonies at the retreat, visit classes, and other gatherings.

Prerequisite: EMPOWERone Certificate
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Empower Proclaim 2022-2023 Dates

Sept. 17, 2022 | Oct. 15, 2022 | Nov. 19, 2022 | Jan. 14, 2023 | Feb. 18, 2023 | Mar. 18, 2023 | Apr. 15, 2023

Each class is from 9 AM-12 PM EST/6 -9 AM PST

Tuition: Due at time of registration.  There will be no refunds.

In case of a pandemic or emergency, and in accordance with local government restrictions, Empower may have to hold classes online instead of in person.  In the event of such local restrictions, students are expected to continue classes online with no issued refunds.

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction”

– 2 Timothy 4:2

Proclaim Coordinator:

Sandy Kang

Sandy received her B.A. in Social Welfare at U.C. Berkeley and her M.A. in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Missions at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In 2002, she and her husband joined San Jose Christian Alliance Church as missionary candidates and now serve as senior leaders (with their four daughters). Since 2011, she has been the founding director of Gateway Preschool Academy. Sandy joined Empower in 2016 as the first live stream student. Her ministry passion is to develop and empower courageous leaders of all ages to be powerful ambassadors for Christ.

EMPOWERproclaim FAQ's

1. Can I receive credits for EMPOWERproclaim?

No. There are no credits available.

2. Who is eligible to enroll in EMPOWERproclaim classes?

Students who have received a certificate of completion in EMPOWERone will be eligible to enroll in the advanced courses. Women who have taken EMPOWERproclaim in the past are encouraged to take this new track that launched in 2021-2022.

4. Is there a livestream site for solo EMPOWERproclaim students?

No. EMPOWERproclaim is available to students who are part of an established Empower site.