EMPOWERone women couple biblical and theological training with spiritual formation and active participation in mentoring groups.  Attendance and participation in a mentoring group is a core component and requirement of EMPOWERone.


Each EMPOWERone woman is prayerfully assigned a mentoring group, led by a Lead Mentor and an Assistant Mentor.

Throughout the year, women are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to be guided into deeper spiritual development by:

  • Engaging and interacting honestly with course content
  • Confronting and maturely dealing with their own soul issues
  • Willingly participating in what God is doing in their hearts and souls
  • Learning to listen to each other and to the Holy Spirit
  • Developing trust with other women
  • Practicing the Prayer Model
  • Journeying further into freedom, healing, and calling


Lead and Assistant Mentors for each EMPOWERone mentoring group are invited to serve following prayerful observation of their journey throughout EMPOWERone and successful completion of EMPOWERone and EMPOWERengage, and upon recommendation from their mentor(s), Site Leaders, and/or members of the Empower Leadership Team.

Empower Mentors have learned and embody the essential elements of strong spiritual mentoring, such as:

  • Deep and committed investment in personal spiritual development
  • Ability to listen to God and others with humility
  • Discernment to ask perceptive and penetrating questions
  • Confidence in using the prayer model
  • Movement toward leading inner healing and deliverance prayer ministry
  • Boldness to maximize group time and to steadfastly encourage women in their pursuit of spiritual¬† transformation