At Clarendon Road Church, we have seen several women go through Empower and be released into ministry. We have seen them engaging in those ministries more fully as well as leading new ministries that we have, such as a new church plant that we are birthing now! At least 4 of the women involved in leadership with the church plant have either completed Empower or are currently in Empower! We’ve seen a tangible impact.

I believe Empower is so vital for women in ministry, as it gives a path but also gives a voice to answer some of those questions, insecurities, or tensions that society, and even unfortunately the church, have put as a barrier. Empower is opening up that door and people are coming alive to gifting and calling that they didn’t even know was present in them. We are all in! We are even looking into ways to provide scholarships for Empower for the upcoming years.

To other church leaders and districts considering Empower: Do it. You will see a releasing of the gifting of God in the women in your church. But not only that– it will overflow into the men, the children, and the entire community. As I see folks get excited about the things of God and also ministry, it starts to do some healing work inside of them. They also start to get more passionate to say, “What’s next?” It will push you, but towards a good thing!

Rev. Dr. Charles Galbreath, Clarendon Road Church, Brooklyn

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