If there’s anything 2020 has produced in me it’s a greater shift in my perspective.

My journey through anxiety has a history of attacking me with the “what if’s”—and 2020 definitely provided a great deal of “what if’s”. It offered many an opportunity to become paralyzed in the “what if’s”. At times, the “what if’s” prevailed and I remained stuck in a vise of fear…literally and metaphorically quarantined from everything – including faith.

But one of the beautiful things about God is He doesn’t live in the “what if’s”. He cannot be touched or moved by “what if’s”. He is the author of “even if”.

It’s not “what if” Miki falls…it’s “even if” Miki falls, I will be there to lift her again.

It’s not “what if” Miki is afraid, it’s “even if” Miki is afraid, I am with her to embolden her.

It’s not “what if” Miki doubts, it’s “even if” Miki doubts, I am with her to give her faith.

He is the answer to every “what if”.

His presence. His love.

So as I walk into this new season and get tempted by all the “what if’s” it contains within it, I remember my God of the “even if”. I walk forward in the faith of “even if” 2021 has greater difficulty in store, there is Emmanuel – “God with us”. My life then becomes not a series of fear-filled “what if’s”, but faith -filled “even if’s” that propel me forward in boldness, grace, humility and love. Oh how I want more of that life!

“What if” you can’t shift your perspective? “Even if” you can’t, He is with you, for you, and loving you through it.

Miki Reaume is a current Empower 2020-2021 student.

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