I came to Empower at just the right moment.

It might not have made sense at the time. I had young kids, a foster baby, and our lives were in much transition. But I knew I needed more, and nothing was going to stop me.

What would more look like? I didn’t know.  I simply showed up.  I opened my heart to what God had, and He showed up.  I heard His voice, he brought healing and released me into my calling.  He met me in ways I will always cherish.

Before Empower, it wasn’t that I was afraid to use my voice or step into my calling.  It’s that I didn’t know I had one or was allowed to!

I know I am not alone in this experience.

What does more look like for you?

Through Empower God meets with His daughters. Women in all stages of life, from all over the world with so many different life experiences– God meets with his precious daughters.

Empower is just one part of a lifetime of pilgrimage with the Father, however. A lifetime full of beautiful moments– funny and serious, joyful and grievous. Moments of breakthrough and wilderness. Moments that remind us we might not be as alone as we think. Moments that remind us of the diversity and beauty of the perspectives of our sisters.

At Empower, we want to make space for the voices and stories of the women of Empower. Not only as another way to empower and equip the women who write them, but also as a way to motivate and encourage those who read them!

Daughters of the King, our words have impact in the Kingdom.

VOICES is our new blog space to do just that. To encourage one another. To share voices and stories. It is a space for women to release their voice and declare the goodness of God through pain and triumph.

Interested in submitting a piece for the VOICES Blog? Go to empowerww.org/share.

“You know and understand things about God that only you can teach. Your story, then, is yours and no one else’s. Each sunset is different, depending on where you stand.”

Andrew Peterson

Wendy Gierhart
Empower Communications Coordinator

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