2022-2023 Students


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Google Classroom + Q&A
Sep 13, 2022, 07:00 PM EST
Google Classroom Q+A (Recording)
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Critical Information

  • Students are responsible for obtaining all required reading texts and submitting all assignments on time. Book List 22-23
  • All information for successfully completing EMPOWERone is consolidated on this page.
  • All students are strongly advised to obtain books at least 3 months prior to the class date.
  • All supplemental materials provided by professors will be posted in our Google Classroom Drive.

Ministry Hours:

  • Students are required to spend 20 hours per month in ministry throughout the Empower year.
  • The ministry hours log will be submitted on Edmodo, and recommendations for fulfilling ministry hours are posted on Edmodo.
  • Ministry hours are to be submitted on the 1st of every month, beginning on October 1st, 2022
  • You need to complete 20 hours of ministry in September for the October 1st ministry log submission.
Ministry Hours Log Ministry Hours Log in Spanish

2022-23 Class Schedule:



All books, except the Bible, are to be read in their entirety.
All assignments and due dates are found in the syllabus.
All times are Eastern Standard Time.

September 17th

9 AM – Old Testament Survey

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Cultivating a Listening Ear

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM

October 15th

9 AM – Dealing with Grief and Anxiety

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Role of the Holy Spirit

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM

November 19th

9 AM – Understanding Your Calling

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Dealing with Conflict

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM

January Virtual Retreat- January 20-21, 2023- All Sites

  • Required to attend by all Empower One students.
  • Information will be given to you by your site team.
  • Friday, January 20th, 5 pm – 9 pm EST
  • Saturday, January 21st, 10 am – 8 pm EST

February 18th

9 AM – New Testament Survey

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Prayer and Intercession

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM

March 18th

9 AM – Theology of the Kingdom

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Identifying & Healing Family Wounds

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM

April 15th

9 AM – Spiritual Gifts

Lunch 12-1 PM

1 PM – Community and Mission of the Church

Mentoring Groups 4-6 PM